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Update 2/24/19

DeaViola posted Feb 24, 19


Feels like home: update

We all know that a house is not a home without a pet,

so of course we have added the Mypet plugin! You can

obtain a pet simply by killing a mob of your choice with

a lead. [brutal I know] Once you've done that you can choose

your pets skill tree [utility, ride, pvp or farm.] Each skill tree

comes with its own special perks, we'll go more in depth

with a guide soon. Trust me, there's nothing more majestic 

than watching the sunrise while sitting on your pet chicken.

Speaking of sitting. Did you have a long day of exploring

Do you wish that you could go home and take a seat?

Well, that's exactly what you can do! We have added

chair plugin, now you can use any stair block as a chair.

Simply right click any stair block your wish to plant your

tooshie in. You can stand back up by pressing shift.

On another note, we have been having an issue with the

ability to obtain luckyblocksAs an alternative, you will

receive one luckyblock per vote. Remember to be careful

when you use them, sometimes they can be not so lucky!

_LilSlav WOW. This is update is really cool! I like the pet plugin soo much! And the chair plugin is soo usefull! Thanks Staff !

A new beginning!

DeaViola posted Feb 19, 19

Hello everyone!

First of all, us here at plixit wish to say thank you to

all those who came to spend our opening day with us.

We are greatful that it went so well and its all because 

of you! To show our graditude, we are giving a limited

edition tag to those who joined the server the first week.

Make sure you jump on and get yours as these will never

be given out after this week. Once again, thank you!

_LilSlav Wow,that's really cool.Thanks Mods! Can you add a perk to it? It would be cool some other player wants a perk too! ...

.Opening 2019

DeaViola posted Feb 13, 19

Welcome to Plixit

Here is some information about our server.

Plixit was orginally founded by Deaviola in 2018

and was simply a survival server with a few plugins.

Today however, Plixit is owned by four people including

Deaviola, Joshslayde, MrFumble and xtheshoTogether

we have transformed Plixit into a towny server with an

interesting twist. The main plugins we run are Towny, mcmmo,

jobs, lucky blocks, mythic drops and infernal mobs, of course

many more that would take ages to list.There's many features

that will be added in near future as mini updates!

--- OPEN NOW ---

Join our discord!


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